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                          Alpha & Omega Century Music Publishing

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Alpha & Omega Century Music Publishing is a full service music publishing & licensing company. We offer creative and administrative publishing services for bands, artists and songwriters and composers both nationally and internationally.

Our catalog is represented by music publishers all around the world.  Alpha & Omega Century Music Publishing is a different kind of music company. We’re proud to represent independent artists n their quest for recognition and industry success.  We’ve got the customer focus, attention-to-detail and flexibility that you would can only receive from a  small boutique firm, with music to match every need, deadline or budget.

License Emerging Artist Music

We regard working with professional, high caliber composers and songwriters and songs as a privilege, and with that comes a responsibility to work tirelessly to connect their music with as many people as possible whether via radio, television, movies, video games, merchandise or the many other outlets for music in the modern digital world.


Our company creates long-term relationships with businesses, brands and clients, and ensure that we understand the intricacies of their needs and requirements. This allows us to provide them with the right songs that will best allow them to achieve their goals.  


Alpha & Omega Century Music Publishing is self-administered in North America and is aligned with a strong team of sub-publishers throughout the rest of the world. Alpha & Omega Century Music publishing is your source for quick, all-in music licensing services. Need customized, creative, fresh, affordable music for your project? Contact Us


We are always looking for new talent and great songs to pitch. If you are a songwriter with great music for our artists, or placement with other artists or venues, please get in touch and let us have a listen. We get the job done!


Send original song material for consideration to our A&R Representive 

 c/o G-Major Music Productions





 You can use the following link to submit your music:  

Yami - Be - Omega Century Music (BMI)

                     Music Group

               Empowering Emerging Artists & Labels to Reach their Fans and the Global Market

  "Full Service Marketing, Promotion & Distribution for Independent Labels and Recording Artists"   

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